More details about the service.

websiteAPI makes it so much easy to handle many website and domain related data tasks.

We have started with whois as it is one of the most messy data when it comes to querying different TLDs.

DNSBL/blacklist helps to see if any given IP is blacklisted or not. Lighthouse is the standard for web page performance metrics and insights on developer best practices. And, tech detection allows us to see which technologies are used in a given URL.

We are very actively working on new features so that collecting website and domain data becomes easier and easier.

Why free?

We want to make sure that the service is very stable and useful for the users who consume it.

At some point, we plan to introduce a paid plan to make sure that the service is financially stable as well. Yet, no worries and we can guarantee that the service will stay free for the next few months.